Transparent Cake Box

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Crafted from premium, clear plastic, the Transparent Cake Box offers a crystal-clear view of cakes, enhancing their presentation and ensuring they stay protected. Ideal for showcasing and easily identifying various cake types, this modern packaging solution is perfect for bakeries, events, and special occasions.

Size/Volume: 8”(200 x 200 x 140mm)
                      10”(254 x 254 x 160mm)
                      10"(254 x 254 x 230mm)
                      12”(305 x 305 x 160mm)
                      12"(305 x 305 x 230mm)
                      14”(356 x 356 x 160mm)
                      14"(356 x 356 x 250mm)

Sale Quantity: Each

Colour: Transparent

Product Code: PF-TCB08, PF-TCB10, PF-TCB10H, PF-TCB12, PF-TCB12H, PF-TCB14, PF-TCB14H