About Us


Pack-Mart is a family owned business established in 1998 that has since become one of the leading packaging suppliers for homes and businesses around South Australia. Conveniently located in the Adelaide Market Plaza right in the middle of the bustling hubs of Adelaide Central Market, Chinatown and Gouger Street, Pack-Mart seeks to provide high quality packaging products for all. 
Both our online and physical stores have an extensive collection of packaging products that can be used in all households and businesses around Australia. Our customers include, but are not limited to, fast food outlets, restaurants, butchers, bakers, social clubs, school canteens, food trucks and catering companies etc. For the everyday shopper, we have all the products you need for birthday parties, weddings, functions and all-purpose home use. 
Pack-Mart was first created to fill a void in the South Australian marketplace for packaging products at competitive prices that were unavailable through traditional retail outlets. In 2000, our warehouse and parent company Kentway International Pty Ltd was established in Thebarton. As our range, clients and services all significantly increased, we have since moved to a larger warehouse in Welland. This has allowed us continued growth in our products, the ability to do personal deliveries to businesses across Adelaide, as well as allowing clients to bulk buy and to organise customised orders and products.
We are committed to always bringing new and innovative products that are more efficient, trendy or environmentally friendly to the South Australian marketplace. If you don't see what you like in our range, we welcome more product ideas and also offer product customisations. We work with and source from a community of the most respected manufacturers in Australia and South East Asia. 
Our mission is to continue to provide high quality products with fast service and competitive prices across Adelaide and Australia.