Brown Catering Box

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Our brown catering boxes are great for holding all types of foods such as cupcakes, cookies, burgers etc. to bring to functions, parties or to give to someone as a gift! Boxes come in 4 different sizes and matching lids with a secure tab are also available to purchase. *Lids are sold separately*.


Size/Volume: Extra-Small (255x153x80mm), Small (225x225x60mm), Medium (359x252x80mm), Large (558x252x80mm), Extra-Large (450x310x80mm)

Sale Quantity: 100 per carton (bulk), 50 per carton (bulk), 1 (individual)

Colour: Brown

Product Code: A-BCB-XS, A-BCB-S, A-BCB-M, A-BCB-L, A-BCB-XL