Plastic Gift Box 8oz

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These Plastic Gift Boxes are suitable for Lollies & Chocolates, Wedding Bonbonniere, Lolly Buffets and much more. Similar in shape to a Noodle box with a white plastic handle. Available in multiple sizes and colours. 


Size/Volume: 8oz

Sale Quantity: 200 per carton (bulk), 10 pack (individual pack)

Colours: Black, Blue, Tint Blue, Gold, Tint Hot Pink, Light Blue, Lime Green, Tint Lime Green, Light Pink, Tint Red, Silver, Violet, Yellow

Product Code: PF-GB08-BK,PF-GB08-BL,  PF-GB08-BL-T, PF-GB08-GD, PF-GB08-HP-T, PF-GB08-LB, PF-GB08-LG, PF-GB08-LG-T, PF-GB08-LP, PF-GB08-RD-T, PF-GB08-SL, PF-GB08-VI, PF-GB08-YE